Period 2A: Assignment Instructions and/or Links

Assignment 2 -- Podcast Write Up
Listen to the two linked podcasts. For each one, write at least a 1/2 page reaction/summary. Explain how this story may link to people today. How can or can't you relate to the story? Think about what these two different stories show different aspects of what the study of Economics can include.

Assignment 3 -- Watch the video about Opportunity Costs & write a 1/2 page summary/reaction
  • Watch video: Opportunity Cost -- Paul Solman Video
  • Write a summary/reaction. Explain what Opportunity Cost is and include some of the examples given in video. Reflect on the information presented and how it affects you and others.

Assignment 4 -- Read the link and watch the videos about Market Failures & Externalities

Assignment 5 -- Complete the worksheet titled Opportunity Costs & Externalities

Assignment 6 -- Read the links and watch the videos about Value, Utility & Diminishing Marginal Utility
Readings: For each of the 5 readings, take notes over the signifiant points
  1. Read from the Conversable Economist Blog -- Thoughts on the Diamond-Water Paradox
  2. Read from Econleaks -- The Paradox of Value
  3. Read from Econleaks -- Utility -- Aspects of Utility
  4. Read from Investopedia -- Economics Basics: Utility
  5. Read from AmosWEB Encyclopedia -- Marginal Utility

Videos: For each of the 3 videos, take notes over the signifiant points
  1. Watch the following Paul Solman Video --- Berry Picking (Diminishing Returns) (6:37)
  2. Watch: Episode 17: Diminishing Marginal Utility -- Dr. Mary McGlasson Video Lesson (3:13)
  3. Watch: Diminishing Marginal Utility -- Investopedia Definitions Video (1:28)

Assignment 7 -- Read the links and watch the videos about the recent issues surrounding college athletes and money taken in by the NCAA.
This is a fact-finding & note-taking activity for now. Later, the notes will be used to create a position and later a written paper.

Readings: For each of the readings, take notes over the signifiant points:
  1. The Lawsuit: An Introduction -- PBS Frontline - Money and March Madness
  2. Northwestern ruling sends clear message: NCAA, it's time to negotiate -- Sport's Illustrated March 27, 2014
  3. How A Single NCAA Tournament Win Is Worth $1.6 Million - Forbes March 20, 2014
  4. NCAA signs $10.8 billion basketball tourney TV deal -- Reuters April 2010

Videos: For each of the videos, take notes over the signifiant points

  1. Labor board rules Northwestern football players are entitled to unionize as school employees -- (5:45) PBS Newshour March 26, 2014
  2. Should College Athletes be Considered Employees? -- (6:04) Bloomberg TV March 27, 2014

Assignment 8 -- Watch Video about an Entrepreneur & write up Notes
This is to introduce how a large business starts with a person with an idea, how it grows and the issues it can face.
Video: Wally Amos Biography Full Episode (44:23) The link takes you to the page about him at Once you are there, scroll down to the video slide show and click. It takes a bit to load, but slide to the next slide and choose the full length video. Watch the video and take notes using the Entrepreneurs R Us handout guide.

Handout: Entrepreneurs R Us

Assignment 9 -- Read Chapter 3 of Textbook & Answer Questions
Read chapter 3 of your text book and answer the questions on the handout attached below.

Handout: Forms of Business Organization

Assignment 10 -- Watch an episode of Kitchen Nightmares & write an analysis paper
Directions: Watch one episode of Kitchen Nightmares. After watching, type an analysis paper using the guideline provided. The paper needs to be at least 1 1/2 page and proper conventions (spelling, grammar, etc.). Use the school-wide writing rubric.
Kitchen Nightmares -- Fox Link -- Go to Full Episodes and choose one to watch.

Kitchen Nightmares Analysis Paper:
Your paper needs to include the following:
  1. Episode name and date (include which season and episode number)
  2. Overall Situation & Problems-- Describe the background to the restaurant, its owner(s), the current situation, etc. As Gordon investigates, what problems arise around product, management, quality, leadership, etc.?
  3. Gordon Ramsey's Solutions & Your Solutions -- Describe and explain what Gordon says needs to be done and how it was implemented. Discuss at least one of your ideas that Gordon doesn't address or come up with. What would you do?
  4. Results & Your Overall Reaction -- Is this restaurant still in business? What are your overall thoughts/feelings/reaction to the whole situation?
  5. How could this apply to any type of business? -- Examine what overall issues/advice that can apply to any type of business and explain.