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State of the Union -- Brainstorming Topics List

2014 State of the Union

Video of President Obama's 2014 Address -- PBS The Rundown
Video of President Obama's 2014 Address -- Enhanced Livestream Version -- White House Website
The Annotated State of the Union Transcript of the 2014 speech from NPR which includes links to listen to the speech

Fact Check of Obama's 2014 Address
Gallup Polling Site -- State of the Union: The Public Weighs In on 10 Key Issues

The Colbert Report 2014 State of the Union Address (4:03)
The Daily Show 2014 State of the Union Coverage Video 1 (4:36) & Video 2 (4:13)

Examining the State of the Union:
Behind the Scenes: Writing the 2012 State of the Union Address -- YouTube (4:41)
Writing the State of the Union -- ABC This Week Video (8:22)
Blog entry from Fast Company How To Craft A Killer “State Of Your Life” Address
Blog entry from Fast Company The State Of The Union Address Is The Ultimate Master Class In Public Speaking
Links and Resources- Links to General News Sites

The American Presidency Project has a lot of information and includes a link to the State of Union Addresses from all past presidents. You can find transcripts as well as list of topics from each speech.
Another word cloud site but this one seems to focus on examining past addresses as well. It seems like it can gather different interesting information, but I am not sure yet who the site if from and the person's purpose. Might be interesting to look at more.

The State of the Union speech — in word clouds

President Obama 2014

President Bush 2002


President Carter 1978


President Kennedy 1962


President Lincoln 1862


President Washington 1790