December 4, 2012 -- Kitchen Nightmares Analysis Paper
Directions: Watch one episode of Kitchen Nightmares. After watching, type an analysis paper using the guideline provided. The paper needs to be at least 500 words and proper conventions (spelling, grammar, etc.). Use the school-wide writing rubric.

Kitchen Nightmares -- Fox Link -- Go to Full Episodes and choose one to watch.

Kitchen Nightmares Analysis Paper:
Your paper needs to include the following:
  1. Episode name and date (include which season and episode number)
  2. Overall Situation -- Describe the background to the restaurant, its owner(s), the current situation, etc.
  3. Problems -- As Gordon investigates, what problems arise around product, management, quality, leadership, etc.?
  4. Gordon Ramsey's Solutions -- Describe and explain what Gordon says needs to be done and how it was implemented.
  5. Your Solutions -- Discuss at least one of your ideas that Gordon doesn't address or come up with. What would you do?
  6. Results & Your Overall Reaction -- Is this restaurant still in business? What are your overall thoughts/feelings/reaction to the whole situation?
  7. How could this apply to any type of business? -- Examine what overall issues/advice that can apply to any type of business and explain.

November 29, 2012 -- Research Company for Company Profile Poster/Paper
Directions: Research the company you have chosen for the Company Profile Poster/Paper. You should use links provided under Business Research link on this wiki as well as your own findings. Visit the company's website and search for background and historical information. You should have at least 3 sources.

All research should be completed by 12/5 & 12/6.

Business Research Links

November 29, 2012 -- Company Profile Poster & Paper
You will be working on a project that includes researching a company of your choice, writing a paper, and creating a poster. You will not be able to complete these assignments in class alone and much of the work should be done on your own outside of class. Due dates and links to the assignment are included below:

Company Profile Paper Due: 12/11 A-Day & 12/12 B-Day
Company Profile Poster Due: 12/17 A-Day & 12/18 B-Day

Company Poster2012.doc
Company Poster2012.doc
Company Poster2012.doc

November 9, 2012 -- Chapter 3 Vocabulary & Questions - Business Organization
Directions: Read Chapter 3 in your textbook and complete the Vocabulary & Questions Packet. Use the class questions & vocabulary rubric.
Chapter 3 Q -- Business Organization.doc
Chapter 3 Q -- Business Organization.doc
Chapter 3 Q -- Business Organization.doc

November 7, 2012 -- Explore Three Entrepreneurs #2 Write Up
Directions: Examine the different links below. Three of the links below highlight female entrepreneurs and one focuses kids who start a business. Read each and choose 3 people to write about. Write a paragraph for each and discuss this person and their unique idea, story, qualities, etc. Also include your reaction to each person/business. For each, explain and describe.

Ladies who launch: Dorm room startups
10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs
25 and under: Next-gen female entrepreneurs

8 kid entrepreneurs to watch

November 5, 2012 -- Explore Three Entrepreneurs' Traits/Qualities #1 Write Up
Directions: Examine the entrepreneurs spotlighted in the "Top 12 Greatest Entrepreneurs" (linked below) and read about what made each unique and successful. Choose 3 people that match some quality/trait that you marked as a 3 on your Important Traits worksheet. For each, explain and describe.

The 12 Greatest Entrepreneurs of our Time