Activities to Do:

1. Use your book and do a search on the web and fill out the Factors of Production--Identify Worksheet. Describe and define each of the Four Factors of Production. Include various examples from the book and the web. We will also be adding to this in class.

2. Choose an article that discusses various INPUTS of a good/service. Use the models we completed in class to assist you. Brainstorm a list of issues dealing with each of the Four Factors of Production that you were able to find in the article. You may have to infer (to deduce or conclude information from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements) information for some of the Factors of Production that are not directly discussed in the article.

3. Complete a Current Event Paper Assignment using the article you chose. Follow the directions for current event articles.

When you write your current event paper, keep in mind the following to help direct your thoughts and information:
  • Summarize the topic of the article. Include: What output is it dealing with? What is going on with the inputs?
  • Explain the importance for consumers to examine and know the factors of production of a good/service. Include the importance of the topic of the article and think about other similar situations.
  • Personal reaction should be over both the summary of the specific topic AND over the importance of understanding inputs in general for you as a consumer.

Information about the Factors of Production
  1. Factors of Production -- AmosWeb Economics Encyclopedia -- Link
  2. Factors of Production -- Principles of Microeconomics, v. 1.0 -- Reading Packet
  3. Factors of Production -- eNotes -- Link


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