What Can We Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs?
Building a business is challenging. Access to business leaders who share their experiences can help advise entrepreneurs at all stages of business development. These business leaders can offer frank and practical advice learned through their own business challenges and successes. Whether the challenge is nailing down the idea, starting-up, finding growth opportunities, or knowing when to expand, much can be learned from current and former entrepreneurs.

Your Challenge:
You will work to prepare a presentation for growing and aspiring entrepreneurs. The focus of the presentation will be to share advice and strategies for creating and running a successful business. Along with this, you will be assigned a well known business leader to highlight during the presentation.

Guiding Questions -- What you will need to know to complete the challenge.
Guiding Activities -- What you will need to do to get the information to answer the Guiding Questions and to complete the challenge.



Common Core Standards Addressed
Writing Rubric